On the Suffering of Others

I recently read a statement attributed to Flannery O’Conner.  It stated that we are redeemed through the suffering of others.  I do not believe that in total.  We are I think redeemed to some extent by our empathy with regard to the suffering of others.  It reaffirms our humanity.  I am not bright enough or glib enough to explain the whys and why not’s of man and god and suffering.  I had a friend, a Presbyterian minister who said my books were studies in evil.   They are in my estimation books about redemption.

The event and character I write about are products of my imagination and my life experiences.  I have had friends back in my home town, Lake Charles, and out here in California ask me if a certain character was based directly on them.  A couple even mentioned law suits.  I am on the one hand pleased that they found a villain like Gilbow Brown so real and somewhat disturbed that they saw themselves capable of such unrelenting cruelty.

THE OTHER SIDE OF TOMORROW is a book about redemption.  I have dropped all pretenses and set it on Church Street in Lake Charles, Louisiana where I grew up.  People who read it will recognize or think they recognize certain characters and events. They will be mostly mistaken. The characters are blends of folks I have know from various point in my life fused into a character who fit into the story and on to Church Street.  THE OTHER SIDE OF TOMORROW is about Buddy Ryan’s search for truth in the events that led to Jack Spivey’s death.  He finds redemption through not just his suffering but that of those whom he perceives as his betters and his lesser.  It is also a story of unrequited love with a bit of an O’Henry twist.

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