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I’ve been editing and writing short stories for about a month.  I of course started writing short stories in high school and never really stopped.  They are, as I believe Tennessee Williams said, never finished.  When I was a kid growing up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, I listened to Mac’s Music Hall every week night. He bought groceries in my dad’s store.  It was years before I fashioned stories around him out of my imagination and experiences.  He in those stories became the amalgamation of several men, but even now as I read those stories years later they change and evolve into other aspects of themselves.

Amathis, one of the short stories appearing on my web site is one such example.  One of my readers noted a ninth grade girl could not leap as high as a basketball hoop.  I was for a time a junior high school principal.  I assure you I saw it happen.  The young lady’s first name was Laura.  She was a volley ball player, but she could leap like a deer.  She has not and I hope she does not commit suicide.  I have had several good friends take that exit. I always measure it as a loss.

Amathis is a bleak love story.  Heroes are hard to define in most of my writing.  They are always flawed.  I for a number of years thought myself to be a coward.  That was one of my flaws.  Joe David Brown wrote that true courage was only proved if you were alone falling in darkness with no one except you and possibly God, if you believed in God, to truly know if you were afraid.  He was a paratrooper in World War II.  I have fallen in darkness several times, sometimes fearful sometimes not.  It was of course never from an airplane.  I fear high places and some highly placed people.

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