The Value Of Learning

I am waiting for the line edit of THE OTHER SIDE OF TOMORROW to be completed.  As I wait I read, and write, and draw, and talk. Talk is an important part of the writing process with me.  I am meeting with a group of friends and setting up a study group for young people just out of high school and drifting without purpose and young people advancing their lives through more education and work experience.  I believe that if they could be made, can we really make young people do anything they don’t buy into, to see the value in telling and writing writing stories about their life experiences that they would become more aware of their potential, and invest their time and energy in defining and gaining their quest.  Writing is to a great extent quest stories from the Bible to Harry Potter and back again.

We may of course fail. We may not listen intently enough. It may become more about  our perceptions than their aspirations. I was for a number of years a writer pretending to be a teacher, principal, adjunct college professor.  I learned more than the students I taught, the teachers I lead, or the student teachers I supervised. Teaching is a game of the heart. The teacher must love not just teaching. He or she must love all the children, not just the good students who do well, but the ones who fail because their interest, their integrity, their  respect was killed off by poverty, by parents who lacked the resources to support the desires and dreams of those children, and by teachers like me who belonged to the system and failed to uplift those children and allowed them to accept the idea of their lack of value. I am also aware of the fact that they the children must expend as much emotional, and intellectual, and physical energy in the learning process as teachers expend when teaching. The bottom line is this we need to value all students. We need to value learning.

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